Displayed NEW CR-Blower Wheel at AHR Expo 2013 (Dallas, TX)

Revcor’s new patent pending Compound Radius blower wheel was featured as a Green Product on page 29 of the AHR Expo Show Preview.  Attendees were excited to learn that this unique blade shape can produce more airflow which can offer the following significant benefits:

  • Reduce sound when running the motor at slower speeds without sacrificing airflow
  • Reduce cabinet size and costs with a smaller blower package footprint

Exhibiting at the show was Revcor’s first time marketing itself as a company that is dedicated to providing revolutionary solutions to improve your quality of life.

Original equipment manufacturers that work with Revcor to design new products are more likely to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by offering consumers a product that is more efficient, reliable, and/or price competitive.

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