Lee Frick

Vice President Materials

“My materials team continuously strives to improve customer satisfaction and service by making changes to maximize supply chain efficiency.” - Lee Frick, VP of Materials

Mr. Frick joined Revcor in 2004, and is Vice President of Materials. Lee’s current responsibilities include Customer Service, Purchasing, Production Scheduling and Planning, Shipping/Receiving, and Inventory Management.

The primary drivers of activity within Lee’s group are to continuously improve customer satisfaction and service, as we strive to deliver the best value to all our customers. We are committed to continuously improve all aspects of the supply chain to satisfy the changing needs of our customers. It is critical that we earn the trust of our customers, as well as our supplier-partners.

Lee has over 30 years of manufacturing experience, which included the manufacture of industrial sewing machines, hydraulic pumps, and mechanical and electronic aerospace products. During this time, extensive experience was derived from hundreds of domestic and international plant visits.

Mr. Frick earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of Montevallo and an executive MBA from Northern Illinois University. Lee earned both Purchasing Manager and APICS Certifications, and has participated in several training seminars, including Conway Quality, Lean Thinking and Kaizen Events, and Management Training at the Boeing Learning Center.

Leadership Team:

John H. Reichwein -  President & CEO
Andrew K. Groharing - COO
Jose Luis Davila - VP Manufacturing
Lee Frick - VP Materials
Paul Vogel - VP Sales & Marketing
Stephen J. Szorc - CIO
Z. Patrick Chinoda - VP Engineering