There is nothing like having fun on the open water. Boating, sailing, fishing and enjoying many forms of water sports all depend on the marine industry.

Marine equipment, for the most part, serves the same purpose as HVAC&R equipment used in other industries, but in much more hostile environments. Marine applications, like transportation, are subject to abusive operating conditions. Additionally, marine equipment is often subject to the corrosive properties of salt water.

Available space is usually very limited in marine applications. Engaging the Revcor engineering team to improve the performance of your airflow dependent marine system by increasing its output or reducing its size with the same output will increase your competitive advantage.

Make sure you inquire about our Guaranteed Airflow Performance Program (GAP). Better than a custom tailored suit, our team of experienced engineers will guarantee the development of a Revolutionary Airflow solution that improves your consumer’s quality of life while helping you gain a competitive advantage.