Product Specifications:
Type:Forward Curved
Construction:Tablock, Welded
Inlets:Single, Double
Materials:Stainless Steel, Steel
Diameters:5.05" to 12.625"
Blade Lengths:1" to 5.5"
CFM:160 - 30,000
Static Pressure:.18 - 1.5
Heavy duty blowers are Revcor’s flagship product group. There’s a good chance your favorite pizza was baked to perfection in a convection oven using one of our heavy duty blowers.

Revcor’s leading customers whose systems depend on increased performance and/or reliability achieve their competitive advantage with our Revolutionary Airflow solutions. Copper brazing and reinforcing rods are used to construct blower wheels capable of withstanding the most brutal applications. We custom engineer these heavy duty blowers for any size customer requirement.
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