Product Specifications:
Type:Forward Curved
Inlets:Single, Double
Materials:Aluminum, Plastic, Steel
Diameters:2.5" to 6.22"
Blade Lengths:1.03" to 4"
CFM:30 - 1,800
Static Pressure:.3 - .8
Revcor’s line of light duty blower wheels and perfectly matched blower housings is the broadest in the industry. Our 65+ years of engineering revolutionary airflow solutions enables us to quickly and efficiently configure a blower that will increase your application’s performance, achieve cost savings and/or improve reliability.

Motor specification, selection, sourcing and installation into our blowers expand our engineer’s opportunity to deliver a blower that gives you a competitive advantage.

Revcor is uniquely positioned to offer unbiased design and manufacturing expertise in both metal and plastics. Turnkey Plastics is our lean solution that enables customers to achieve Revolutionary Airflow that capitalize on the design and cost benefits of plastic construction.

Our flexible manufacturing processes are set up to economically produce special configurations of blowers in small or large customer order quantities.

Revcor’s blower team prides itself on friendly service while consistently meeting our customer’s production requirements. We also achieve Zero Defects with many of our customers.

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