Product Specifications:
Type:Forward Curved
Inlets:Single, Double
Materials:Aluminum, Plastic, Steel
Diameters:3.83" to 14"
Blade Lengths:1" to 12.63"
CFM:90 - 7,200
Static Pressure:.1 - 1.5
Our line of medium duty Blastaire blower wheels revolutionized the first air conditioners ever built.

Revcor’s Rapid Product Development process revolutionizes the size and shape of the blower designed for your most demanding airflow dependent application to increase performance, reduce noise, lower cost and/or increase reliability.

Our patent pending Custom Blower Wheel (CBW) cells minimize assembly cost for each custom designed blower wheel, from small to large volume customer requirements.

Maximize your opportunity to gain a competitive advantage with a Guaranteed Airflow Performance (GAP) solution that offers motor specification with a custom designed medium duty blower wheel, blower housing, and inlet. All GAP projects come with a 100% money back guarantee, so the risk is on us to deliver.
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