CR Blower Wheel - Specifications
Diameters:4 - 12.75
Blade Lengths:4 - 12”
Blades:Up to 52
Rotations:CW or CCW
Revcor’s new patent pending Compound Radius (CR) Blower Wheels achieve the following benefits for new and existing applications:
  • Reduce system cost with a smaller blower package footprint
  • Lower noise by delivering the same CFM at slower speeds
  • Perfectly match blower output to your system’s operating point
Primary Applications: Air Handlers/Furnaces • PTAC • Fan Coils Can be used for both residential and light commercial applications Revcor’s line of CR-Blower Wheels were designed for HVAC applications, but are often applied in many other markets. Our new CR- Blower Wheel:
  • Delivers greater performance from its Compound Radius Blades™
  • Is available in an infinite combination of diameters and blade lengths
  • Will be custom engineered to fit your application’s space limitations
  • Fine tunes your system performance by varying the number of blades to increase output or to maintain performance with a smaller wheel
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