Product Specifications:
Construction:Riveted, Welded
Materials:Aluminum, Steel
Diameters:24" to 72"
CFM:3,000 - 35,000
Static Pressure:0 - .5
Revcor designs and manufactures the majority of heavy duty fan blades for agriculture specific applications in North America.

Revcor engineers work closely with our leading customers to increase the CFM/watt of their airflow dependent systems. Our industry leading line of existing heavy duty fans allows us to quickly and economically add value to most of these customer applications.

For challenging applications, we design, model, test, tool and manufacture new Revolutionary Airflow solutions. Revcor’s proprietary Rapid Product Development process helps these customers gain competitive advantage by increasing the performance, lowering noise, saving cost and/or improving the reliability of their airflow dependent systems.

Revcor’s leading customers gain the greatest sustainable competitive advantage with a Guaranteed Airflow Performance (GAP) project that includes the:

    • Development of a new heavy duty fan blade
    • Perfectly tuned orifice
    • Motor specifications
    • Motor mount
We economically create revolutionary new fan designs by producing low cost form tools on a fiber optic laser while utilizing flexible manufacturing processes. Let 65+ years of engineering airflow experience assume the development risk for your next GAP project – we meet your requirements or it’s free.

Revcor also offers flexible tool ownership options for all custom designed heavy duty fans. Our customers can either purchase this tooling outright or amortize the cost based on future production.

Our national sales force and friendly customer support teams are committed to align your needs with Revcor’s revolutionary airflow resources.
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