Product Specifications:
Construction:One Piece
Materials:Aluminum, Steel, Plastic
Diameters:6" to 12"
CFM:100 - 2,000
Static Pressure:0 - .5
Revcor developed the first Swept Fan Blade for the condenser market back in 2004 and is the only company offering this patented, low noise design under our line of light duty one-piece fans today.

Our engineering team uses a proprietary Rapid Product Development process to help our customers gain competitive advantage by increasing the performance, lowering noise, saving cost and/or improving the reliability of their airflow dependent systems.

Totally unique fan configurations including the fan blade, orifice and motor specifications in metal or plastic can be designed, modeled, tested and manufactured. Our Fiber Optic Laser, ability to produce low cost form tools and flexible manufacturing processes, enables us the freedom to economically create revolutionary new fan designs.

Whether you own your own fan tooling, select fans from our existing product line or have us develop a revolutionary new fan design, our 65+ years of experience routinely delivers the most value.

Our national sales force and friendly customer support teams are committed to align your needs with Revcor’s revolutionary airflow resources.
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