Product Specifications:
Type:Forward Curved
Inlets:Single, Double
Materials:Aluminum, Plastic, Steel
Diameters:2.5" to 6.22"
Blade Lengths:1.03" to 4"
CFM:30 - 1,800
Static Pressure:.3 - .8
Revcor dominates the condenser fan blade market in North America with upwards of 80% market share. We developed the first Swept Fan for the condenser market and continue to lead the blade design to higher SEER qualifications with most of the major HVAC manufacturers.Revcor engineers use our proprietary Rapid Product Development process to help our customers increase the value of their airflow dependent systems by increasing performance, lowering noise, reducing cost and/or improving reliability.

We pride ourselves on our unique ability to configure fans including the fan blade, orifice and motor specifications to achieve our customer’s most demanding requirements. Our Guaranteed Airflow Performance (GAP) program helps our leading customers achieve sustainable competitive advantages on a risk free basis.

The majority of medium duty fans go into seasonal applications. Revcor manufactures medium duty fan blades at both ISO 9001 registered plant Locations assuring timely delivery of quality fans throughout your peak season. Our commanding market share also enables us to economically produce your fans on patented equipment and tooling we designed and developed in-house.

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