RB Swept Fan - Specifications:
Diameters:22”- 24”
# of Blades:2, 3, 4
Rotations:CW or CCW
Pitches:20 - 35
Revcor’s new RB Swept fan uses our new revolutionary Rigid-Boss™ design to achieve the following benefits when applied to your OEM systems:Existing Applications:
  • Competitively priced
  • Drop in replacement
  • Lower system noise
  • Reduce assembly line rework/scrap
New Applications:
  • Motor cost savings (6 Pole vs. 8 Pole)
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower system noise
  • Reduce assembly line rework/scrap
Primary Applications: Condensing Units • Heat Pumps • Package Units can be used for both residential and commercial applications The Rigid-Boss design makes the RB Swept the lightest swept fan on the market that:
  • Was designed for 6 pole motor speeds
  • Produces more CFM per Watt
  • Operates quieter by up to 8db
  • Resists handling damage
Performance varies based on system design and application.Not sure if the RB Swept Fan is the ideal solution for your application? Then utilize Revcor’s Guaranteed Airflow Performance program (GAP™)!