RB Value Fan Specifications:
Diameters:18” through 26”
# of Blades:2
Rotations:CW or CCW
Pitches:20 - 35
Revcor is developing the best cost condenser fan blade prototype on the market. Our new RB Value Fan 3:2 delivers the following benefits:
  • Lowers the cost of your “Value” priced condensers
  • Reduces SKU’s when combined with our new line of RB Swept Fans
  • Improves system reliability lowering the risk of costly field failures
Primary Applications: Condensing Units • Heat Pumps • Package Units
Can be used for both residential and light commercial applications
Revcor’s RB Value Fan 3:2 is ideal for “Value line” condensing units but may also be perfect for other applications. Our RB Value Fans:
  • Match the performance of 3 bladed fans with only 2 blades
  • Are constructed from the lightest gauge steel possible thanks to our Rigid Boss design
  • Eliminate rivets & riveting with Revcor’s all new Fast Attach™ parent metal fastening assembly process
  • Are produced on our Certified True Fan™ Pitching Machines, to deliver the tightest run-out specifications in the industry
A Revolutionary new fan with less blades, lighter construction, no rivets & tighter tolerances! Get started today with a Guaranteed Airflow Performance (GAP) Project custom tailored for your system