When there’s a gap between your system’s airflow requirements and the existing tooling to produce the required components, then you need Revcor’s Guaranteed Airflow Performance (GAP) program.

Guaranteed Airflow Performance (GAP) projects help our customers achieve a sustainable competitive advantage that increases their top line sales and bottom line profitability.

GAP projects are custom designed system solutions that deliver the requirements defined in the previously completed Design Integration or Performance Evaluation projects. GAP projects are created when an Engineered Sample cannot be configured to achieve a customer's airflow requirements.

GAP Project Benefits:

  • Airflow performance is guaranteed
  • Development project is formally managed
  • Development costs are quoted up front and fixed
  • Time to market is minimized
  • New tooling and equipment is identified
  • New tooling and equipment costs are estimated
  • Return on investment is evaluated
  • Competitive advantages are maximized

GAP projects require the design and development of a new aerodynamic model that is tested to verify that it achieves the required airflow performance. Prototypes are developed for Lean Manufacturing from successful aerodynamic models. Validation testing must be performed on the new prototypes in the customer's system to assure that they have structural integrity which is essential to reducing the risk of costly field failures.

Did you know that a GAP project:

  • Can cost less than 20 samples
  • Develops the ideal air moving solution for your application
  • Yields the greatest competitive advantage
  • Extends our standard 1 year warranty to 2 years