Engineered Samples are custom designed system solutions that deliver the required airflow defined in the Performance Evaluation or Design Integration projects, but with previously designed and tooled components.

The blower wheel and housing or fan blade and venturi, along with the motor specifications, are designed together to maximize performance, minimize cost and improve reliability of the customer’s airflow dependent systems.

Engineered Sample Benefits:

    • Airflow requirements are achieved
    • Development costs are eliminated
    • Time to market is minimized
    • Best cost solutions are configured
    • Validation testing assures reliability
    • Return on investment is maximized
    • Competitive advantages are achieved

Standard Samples vs. Engineered Samples

Standard samples are typically applied based on airflow requirements defined by the OEM. Due to the relatively inexpensive cost of the impeller, they are usually applied as an individual component after the system, including the motor has been specified. Revcor’s Product Selection software is used to identify the best Standard Sample configuration.

Engineered Samples expand the project scope to include all airflow system components creating more opportunities to gain competitive advantage through performance increases, sound improvement, cost reduction and system reliability.

The following table highlights the differences between Standard Samples and Engineered Samples.

Standard SampleEngineered Sample
Applied ComponentImproved or Optimized System
CommoditizeInnovate or Revolutionize
Delivers Required Air FlowAchieves Revolutionary Air Flow
Matches CompetitionBeats Competition
Product Selection SoftwareIntegration or Evaluation Report
Free Air Performance CurvesIn Unit Air Flow Performance Verification
No Structural ValidationIn Unit Structural Validation
Standard 1 Year Product WarrantyExtended Product Warranty
Cheapest ImpellerBest Cost Solution