Revcor’s lean manufacturing program drives continuous improvement projects for developing and controlling products, tooling, equipment, processes, inventory and resource utilization. We are constantly seeking better ways to deliver more value to our customers.

Certified True Fan Assembly Cell

System performance and reliability are negatively impacted by fan blade run-out and imbalance. Revcor’s patent pending closed loop Certified True Fan (CTF) assembly cells hold fan blade run-out to tighter tolerances than industry standard pitching equipment. The Revcor designed CTF cells are also capable of economically producing any size customer order due to their designed in flexibility.

Custom Blower Wheel (CBW) Assembly Cell

Your standard blower wheel manufacturer is tooled to mass produce blower wheels with fixed diameters, a fixed number of blades, a standard blade type and corresponding blade angle. You may be paying bottom dollar for these commodities but your system is suffering from sub-par performance.

Revcor develops and can now economically mass produce custom wheels to help you achieve the following goals:
  • Increase CFM and/or Efficiency
  • Reduce the footprint of your system
  • Lower system noise
Revcor’s new patent pending CBW assembly cells are capable of economically varying essentially all blower wheel dimensions. Our engineers, utilizing our Rapid Product Development process, have the design freedom to specify any diameter, blade length, blade type, number of blades, blade angle and type of material on single and double inlet centrifugal blower wheels.

Satellite Plants

Improving supply chain efficiency is one of the key strategies for essentially all companies today. The cost of transporting and stocking relatively low cost and bulky air moving products has always been a concern of our customers.

Revcor’s final assembly processes for blowers and fans have been designed for flexibility and process control. We should know after now having operated plants in Mexico and at one time in Texas over the past 25+ years. We are exploring the feasibility of moving these flexible assembly processes into satellite plants located in or close to our largest customers to improve our supply chain efficiency.

Turnkey Plastics

Revcor’s Revolutionary Airflow expertise includes the design and manufacture of plastic blowers and fans. Revcor has 23+ years experience designing and manufacturing plastic air moving systems. We’ve even developed and patented our own Nano-composite resin that economically delivers UV and high heat properties compared to the more expensive commercially available resins.

Selecting one of our Guaranteed Airflow Performance (GAP) projects shifts the product design and development cost risk to Revcor. Our engineering teams use our Rapid Product Development process to improve the efficiency of even the most revolutionary airflow solutions.

Beyond product design, Revcor manages the design, sourcing, build and approval of all molds and fixtures required to guarantee product performance, reduce cost and increase reliability.

Revcor’s Turnkey Plastics program can optionally play a key role selecting, training and remotely monitoring suitable molders that consistently deliver quality products on time.

Vision2Reality (

Managing performance, not just measuring it, is what drives continuous improvement. Vision2Reality (V2R) is Revcor’s proprietary performance management system.

V2R drives the timely and cost effective achievement of all strategic initiatives at Revcor. V2R also drives our Value Added Pay program that tracks and rewards all plant associates for their demonstrated performance. From CEO down to our assembly cell operators, everyone at Revcor is held individually accountable for their performance.