Motors are a key component to Revcor’s revolutionary airflow solutions; including your motor specifications within the scope of our Rapid Product Development process increases our opportunity to achieve better performance, while reducing system cost and improving product reliability. Revcor has already saved one of our customers a million dollars per year by developing a fan blade that meets their performance requirements but with a lower cost motor.

Revcor engineers routinely create generic motor specifications for their revolutionary airflow solutions. We also perform agnostic evaluations of competing motor sources leading to the qualification of the best motor for each application.

Many of our larger OEM customers have strong relationships with their existing motor suppliers. In these cases Revcor engineers work with each customer’s preferred motor supplier, capitalizing on their leverage and Revcor’s expertise, to develop the optimum motorized blower or fan package.

We also encourage our customers to source motors from their preferred supplier and have them drop-shipped to one of our plants for assembly into a motorized blower or fan. Drop-shipping motors avoids any additional mark-up on the motor by Revcor.

Revcor’s motorized packages including Blowers and Fans can be dropped into an OEM customer’s system during final assembly, increasing line efficiency and improving reliability by reducing vibration.

Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your airflow dependent system with a custom engineered motorized blower or fan package.