Performance Evaluation projects capture baseline test results on customer supplied units. Revcor engineers then recommend the “Best Cost” Revolutionary Airflow solution for all projects that appear to be feasible.

Additional opportunities for improvement beyond the initial requirements are also identified and a preliminary Return On Investment (ROI) analysis, based on the recommended Performance Evaluation solution, is used to justify its pursuit.

Performance Evaluation Benefits:

  • Customer requirements are focused to yield attainable results
  • Baseline performance is validated in the customer’s system
  • Project feasibility is assessed based on the gap between the customer requirements and the baseline performance
  • Best Cost airflow solution approach is recommended (i.e. Engineered Sample vs. Guaranteed Airflow Performance (GAP) Project)
  • Additional airflow related system improvements are identified
  • Competitive Advantages are analyzed based on potential improvements offset by the estimated project cost and relative risk
  • Comprehensive PE reports are generated summarizing all results and recommendations

Did you know that a Performance Evaluation project:

  • Can cost less than 20 samples
  • Identifies the ideal air moving solution for your application
  • Is superior to selecting samples from a catalog