Revcor’s Product Selection software is used to configure Standard Samples that achieve the customer system’s predefined airflow requirements. Throughout the last 67 years, Revcor has designed and tooled the widest selection of standard components that can be economically configured to deliver the required airflow.

Although Standard Samples are cheaper to configure than Engineered Samples, they almost always result in sub-optimal system performance that lacks any competitive advantage.

As you can imagine we don’t encourage our customers to configure their own Standard Samples based on the differences shown in the following table:

Planning ServicesProduct SelectionPerformance Evaluation
Project OutputStandard SampleEngineered Sample
Customer BenefitCheapest ComponentBest Cost Solution
Project InputRequest for QuoteCustomer System
Product SelectionProject Selection SoftwareIn Unit Air Flow Testing
Structural TestingNoneIn Unit Validation
Project Lead Time1-3 Days3 Weeks
However, we understand that some customers simply prefer to do their own Cut & Try development method . If you’d like access to Revcor’s product selection software, please Contact Us today to receive your logon credentials.

*Failure to allow Revcor to do the required structural verification of the Standard Sample in the customer’s unit will void our standard 1 year warranty.

Did you know that a Performance Evaluation project:

    • Can cost less than 20 samples
    • Identifies the ideal air moving solution for your application
    • Is superior to selecting samples from a catalog