Rapid Product Development is an oxymoron for most companies.  Developing innovative new solutions requires more time and resources.   Developing innovative new solutions rapidly is a conflicting objective - if not properly managed, it turns the best opportunities into disasters.

Revcor’s Rapid Product Development process bridges the gap between these conflicting objectives.  Our proprietary process consists of the following key stages:

1. Design for Performance

Revcor utilizes the most advanced aerodynamic design and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software available when developing revolutionary airflow solutions.  Optimizing the airflow performance of your system requires these tools along with our 65+ years of expertise building models that accurately predict the performance of our working prototypes.

The output of Design for Performance stage is a Aerodynamic Model. This requires customer approval before moving onto the next stage.

2. Structural Design

Structural Design of our revolutionary airflow solutions begins with the Aerodynamic Model and ends with a working Prototype. We refine the Aerodynamic model using highly customized Finite Element Analysis software. Our structural design goal is to minimize material costs by strategically embossing the predicted failure points.

Revcor’s new Rigid Boss Medium Duty Fans are an excellent example how our experienced engineers scored the design goal.

3. Design for Manufacture

Design for Manufacture reviews the approved Prototype making sure the designed product is also easy to manufacture. Revcor’s 65+ years designing and manufacturing revolutionary airflow solutions enables us to utilize our existing tooling and equipment. In most cases we can configure revolutionary new products that avoid the cost and delay of building new tooling, equipment and fixtures.

4. New Equipment and Tooling

When new parts are designed, Revcor has extensive expertise designing, sourcing, producing, releasing and installing the new equipment and tooling required to make them. Certainly product design for manufacture is important. However, knowing the best global equipment and tool builders to work with assures high quality, timely and cost effective project completion.

5. Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Production Part Approval is the last stage in Revcor’s Rapid Product Development process. During this stage, parts produced from all required equipment, tooling and fixtures are reviewed. Upon final acceptance for outside suppliers, all equipment, tooling and fixtures are set-up as required to produce the pilot parts for customer approval. Customer approval of our pilot production parts completes our Rapid Product Development process.