Revcor fan blades are the preferred choice by many prominent Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Over 75% of the condensing units manufactured in the US today contain a Revcor fan blade.

An OEM spends 6 to 12 months qualifying a fan blade and/or blower wheel for their unit/application; therefore it’s best to use OEM qualified air moving components for any repair. Unfortunately the OEM qualified fan blade or blower wheel is not always easy to source and the consumer is looking to have their HVAC system fixed as soon as humanly possible.

Airflow to Improve Your Quality of Life is Revcor’s commitment. If you need to replace a fan blade or blower wheel (Squirrel Cage):

    • Then contact one of our aftermarket partners who will help you identify your requirements and will refer you to a local wholesaler that has the product in stock.
    • Or Contact Revcor Customer Service (800-323-8261 Ext 311) if our aftermarket partners are unable to assist you and we will try to help
Contractors and wholesalers that seek additional information on sourcing replacement fan blades and blower wheels can find some helpful information on Revcor’s fan blade replacement and blower wheel replacement pages.