Light Duty Blower Wheels

“The most reliable and lightest strip wheels for low pressure applications”

Revcor’s light duty blower wheels provide the utmost in value and reliability for those applications requiring low pressure. We find these wheels used extensively within the food service industry in commercial ovens and refrigeration applications such as walk-in freezers and coolers.  We can custom design these lightweight wheels with our customers’ needs in mind.

Revcor will customize, communicate, and get it done right. Worked well directly engineering to engineering and communicative on a supply side to keep all in line.
Neil Printz
Commodity Manager, Greenheck


  • Diameter2.5″ to 6.31″
  • Airflow30 to 2,200 CFM
  • Static PressureMax 1.5 inWG
  • MaterialAluminum, Zinc coated steel
  • ConstructionStrip

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