Customer Requirements Definition

Quick Ship Samples
Reduce tiME-TO-mARKET

[ Good ]

Standard Samples selected by you when you know what you want.

[ Better ]

Engineered Samples selected by us to achieve your required OEM Unit performance.

[ Best ]

Custom Samples configured by us to improve your OEM Unit performance.

Customized Airflow Projects
Achieve competitive advantage

Improvement Project
[ Good ]

Engage Revcor to select & test the best Engineered Sample directly in your OEM Unit to ensure its performance & quality requirements are achieved.

Optimization Project
[ Better ]

We can also configure & test a new custom sample directly in your OEM Unit to improve its performance & quality.

Design Project
[ Best ]

Revcor excels at developing new airflow solutions that are guaranteed to optimize the performance & quality of your OEM Unit.

Revolutionary Airflow Solutions Comparison Table

The following Revolutionary Airflow Solutions Table summarizes our 6 levels of support to help you decide which path is right for the OEM Product challenges you face. Let’s discuss which option is best for you.