Customer Requirements Definition

Quick Ship Samples
Reduce tiME-TO-mARKET

[ Good ]

Standard samples supplied quick and easy…when you know what you want.

[ Better ]

Standard Samples selected by us to achieve your required OEM Product performance.

[ Best ]

Custom Sample configured by us to improve your OEM Product performance.

Customized Airflow Projects
Achieve competitive advantage

OEM Product Improvement
[ Good ]

Let Revcor supply and test the best standard samples directly in your supplied OEM unit to assure performance.

OEM Product Optimization
[ Better ]

Let us configure a custom sample and verify that it improves the performance of your OEM Product.

OEM Product Development
[ Best ]

We develop new impellers that are guaranteed to optimize the performance  of your OEM Product.

Revolutionary Airflow Solutions Comparison Table

The following Revolutionary Airflow Solutions Table summarizes our 6 levels of support to help you decide which path is right for the OEM Product challenges you face. Let’s discuss which option is best for you.

Solution LevelRevolutionary Airflow Solutions (RAS)OEM Unit PerformanceProduct ConfigurationTechnical Support LevelTarget Lead TimesBudgetary Cost Range
1Standard Sample (SS)GoodExistingCustomer Engineer (DIY)3 days$25 - $250
2Engineered Sample (ES)BetterExistingApplication Specialist3 days$50 - $300
3Custom Sample (CS)BestCustomizedApplication Engineer3-5 days$100 - $400
4OEM Product ImprovementGoodExistingApplication Engineer2 weeks*$1150 - $1550**
5OEM Product OptimizationBetterCustomizedApplication Engineer3 weeks*$1550-$2000**
6OEM Product DevelopmentBestNewSystem Design Engineer6 months*TBD

*Lead Time begins when customer unit has been received at Revcor
**Cost per iteration required to achieve OEM Product Requirements