Once a luxury, Air Conditioning today is now considered by most to be a necessity. Revcor played a key role in the first Air Conditioners manufactured in North America with the development of our BlastaireTM line of blower wheels. The Revcor “B” wheel improved the performance of the original window air conditioners by delivering more air than the industry standard strip wheel that was being used.

Technology has driven ongoing improvement leading to the high efficiency condensing units that are today’s standard. Staying cool while saving energy costs without hearing a noisy air conditioner are important to consumers today.

Revcor’s Medium Duty Fans have dominated the condenser market in North America for over 2 decades. Our extremely broad axial product lines offer custom solutions assembled from cost effective standard components that deliver:

    • Energy Savings
    • Low Noise and
    • Outstanding Reliability
Make sure you inquire about our Guaranteed Airflow Performance Program (GAP). Better than a custom tailored suit, our team of experienced engineers will guarantee the development of a Revolutionary Airflow solution that improves your consumer’s quality of life while helping you gain a competitive advantage