Revcor has been designing and manufacturing Revolutionary Airflow products since 1946. Our experience helps global customers across diverse industries gain competitive advantage by optimizing the airflow through their systems.

Product Families

Revcor offers two basic types of air moving products. Our Centrifugal Blowers move air centrifugally or perpendicular to the axis of the motor. Our Axial Fans move air axially of parallel with the axis of the motor. Each of our product families has specific operating characteristics that Revcor custom tailors depending upon the airflow requirements of our customer’s system they are applied in.

Revolutionizing Airflow

Within each of our Product Families, Revcor offers many levels of airflow solutions depending on how revolutionary our customers choose to be. Our entry level solutions consist of Blower Wheels or Fan Blades only. When selection of the Blower Wheel or Fan Blade is the last air moving component to be selected, Revcor can still increase system performance, lower noise, reduce cost and/or improve system reliability. Our 65+ years of airflow expertise, widest variety of tooled product lines and flexible manufacturing processes enables us to develop custom solutions quickly and economically.

Revcor’s high end Blower Assembly and Fan Assembly solutions enable our most progressive customers the opportunity to gain the greatest competitive advantage. Engaging Revcor early on in the design phase through a Guaranteed Airflow Performance project that includes all air moving system related components enables us to develop a revolutionary solution that improves your end customer’s quality of life.

Select any of our Product Groups, or Contact Revcor to learn more about how we can help you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage that increases market share and bottom line profitability.