Inlet Rings

Revcor’s inlet rings are designed to enhance the airflow performance of any blower wheel and housing assembly.  Let our engineering team configure the best option that maximizes the performance of your unique application across all industries.

Blower Assemblies

Revcor’s blower assemblies are put through the most stringent battery of tests to guarantee trouble free operation. Our blowers move maximum amounts of airflow efficiently and quietly and are used in all served industries and applications.  Additionally, many customers drop-ship their motors for us to assemble into their OEM Products assuring a finely tuned and […]

Crossflow Blower Wheels

The Revcor crossflow blower wheels provide the quietest stream of airflow together with maximum efficiency and most reliability.  They are used heavily in air curtain applications within the heating industry as well in fireplaces and packaged terminal air conditioning units (PTAC).  Revcor’s application engineers will work with your engineering team to handle the selection and […]

Heavy Duty Blower Wheels

Our Heavy duty forward curved blower wheels are wheels designed for high pressure performance in the most rugged applications. Durably tested for trouble-free long-life service.  They are used extensively within the transportation industry, in such applications as bus, rail and refrigerated trucks.

Medium Duty Blower Wheels

With unique tab-lock construction, Revcor’s medium duty blower wheels are consistently the “go-to” for engineers across many industries that demand the highest quality. You will find these popular, highly configurable blower wheels used in many furnace and space heater applications, as well as in the food service industry in such applications as walk-in coolers and […]

Condenser Fan Blades (Riveted)

With the widest and most trusted fan blade portfolio, Revcor is ready with a solution to fit your airflow needs. Select one of our production-ready blade designs between 14 to 30 inches, take advantage of our engineering services to expertly apply the fan blade, and watch how quickly we achieve your goals.  You can find […]

Small Fan Blades (1 Piece)

These are the world’s most comprehensive designs and offerings of one-piece fan blades on the market. Available in diameters ranging from 4 to 14 inches, with, or without a hub. One-piece designs are very popular and effective in lower-stress, smaller diameter applications such as commercial refrigeration.