Large Fan Blades

Revcor’s uniquely tailored Large Fan Blades are expertly engineered to help meet our customers’ demands of the highest efficiency standards coupled with long-life reliability.  These high-performance commercial fan blades offer a robust, quiet and efficient choice that can be uniquely tailored to our customer’s needs.  They feature thicker gauge material and rugged construction, to deliver […]

Condenser Fan Blades (Riveted)

With the widest and most trusted fan blade portfolio, Revcor is ready with a solution to fit your airflow needs. Select one of our production-ready blade designs between 14 to 30 inches, take advantage of our engineering services to expertly apply the fan blade, and watch how quickly we achieve your goals.  You can find […]

Small Fan Blades (1 Piece)

These are the world’s most comprehensive designs and offerings of one-piece fan blades on the market. Available in diameters ranging from 4 to 14 inches, with, or without a hub. One-piece designs are very popular and effective in lower-stress, smaller diameter applications such as commercial refrigeration.