Inlet Rings

Revcor’s inlet rings are designed to enhance the airflow performance of any blower wheel and housing assembly.  Let our engineering team configure the best option that maximizes the performance of your unique application across all industries.

Crossflow Fans/Blowers

Featuring customizable assembly options, Revcor’s small crossflow fans and blowers are ready-made solutions for space-constrained applications such as fireplace inserts and space heaters, as well as many applications within food service markets.

Blower Assemblies

Revcor’s blower assemblies are put through the most stringent battery of tests to guarantee trouble free operation. Our blowers move maximum amounts of airflow efficiently and quietly and are used in all served industries and applications.  Additionally, many customers drop-ship their motors for us to assemble into their OEM Products assuring a finely tuned and […]

Blower Housings

Revcor custom engineered blower housings are designed to provide the optimum airflow quietly and efficiently. Let our highly experienced engineering team design a perfectly matched housing to work with your blower wheel that provides the utmost in efficiency and quiet operation.  Revcor’s blower housings are used in virtually all served industries and applications.